To Kill A Mockingbird Dialectical Journal

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Journal 1 I am reading To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee and I am on page 42. In this journal I will be predicting and Evaluating. G- I predict Jem, Scout and Dill will not meet Boo Y- They fear him R- Looks scary .scar .bloody hands .drools R- All of the stories about what he did .was in a gang .Dad scissors .Eat cats dogs Y- Locked in a house R-People didn’t go near the house .people would cross the street by the Radley place/ run by .anyhting from the tree of the radley house was poisen .only other person to enter was Boos brother from Penscola R-court said that boo was able to go home if he was to give no further trouble .was supposed to go to industrial school .He was with a group of troublemakers/ unstable .Judge didn’t have heart …show more content…

In this journal I will be predicting and Evaluating the story. To start off my prediction, I think that Jem and Scout will not meet Boo. For one the boys are terrified of him. People say he is really scary looking. He has a scar across his face. His hands are bloody from all of the pets animals he has mutilated. He drools ALL THE TIME Also there are a bunch of scary stories that have gone around about him. They say he was in a gang, and they went to riverside Gambling, and experimented with whiskey. They also say that one night when Boo was cutting up newspapers he jabbed his dad in the leg with scissors and then continued cutting paper as if it had never happened. Thirdly he mutilate neighbor cats/dogs and that is the reason his hands are so bloody. I also think they will …show more content…

In this journal I will be Evaluating the characterization of the Ewells the story. In the story the Ewell family comes off as very uneducated. They do not attend school as they should, Usually only the first day of every year. One of the Ewells (Burris) was asked to spell his first name by the teacher, but he replied that he couldn’t because he didn’t know how to. The sad thing is he is not embarrassed about his spelling or that this level of knowledge is normal for him, in fact he states that if he gets smarter this year ( In one day) they might move him up a grade, he doesn’t understand that one day doesn’t teach you much, let alone enough to go up a whole grade! The Ewell father of Burris definitely does not enforce education, he just doesn’t seem to care. These kids have no mother figure either so if you count one alcoholic dad and a missing mom to help you with your homework you have another thing coming. They are the least knowledgable people and definitely a disgrace to Maycomb. Atticus would enforces that his kids learn even at home they read all the time, Scout even knew how to read before school started, as you compare Scout to Burris you can definitely see the difference, and can tell that Burris’s father does not help

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