How Does Miss Maudie Show Innocence In To Kill A Mockingbird

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In Harper Lee’s, To Kill A Mockingbird, she shows how the different characters show innocence and the realization of evil in some people. Jem and Scout start the book very innocent, not knowing much about the world and oblivious to the evil surrounded by them. Boo stays in his house and is unharmful to the town and the town judges him as some monster. Tom Robinson only had good intentions for Mayella and wanted to help, resulted in him getting arrested, tried for, put in jail, and shot 17 times. All of these characters were innocent until the world corrupted them and for some characters, it brought out the worst in them. Scout and Jem have not yet experienced all of the fundamentals of life yet. Throughout the book, they are getting older …show more content…

He did a harmless prank years ago, when he was a kid, and his father punished him and he has been a prisoner in his own home since. He doesn’t do anything to harm anyone in Maycomb and they make him into a monster. For example, he helps the kids in various ways, from giving scout a blanket outside while Miss Maudie’s house was on fire, fixing Jem’s ripped pants, and saving the children from being killed by Bob Ewell. Atticus and Sheriff Tate agree it wouldn’t be a good idea to say Boo was the one who killed Bob because it would be hard for him to stand trial. Scout says, “Well, it’d be sort of like shootin’ a mockingbird, wouldn’t it?” The mockingbird represents true goodness and innocence that should always be protected. Another character who shows loss of innocence is Tom Robinson. He is accused of raping Mayella Ewell but because of obvious evidence, he is innocent. In effect, he gets shot to death for being a kindhearted man who saw a girl in need of help and helped her with daily fixing’s around the house. He was an innocent man who had a family and a life, but that was destroyed because of the color of his skin. Tom died for no reason and was no harm to anyone around him. Tom is like the mockingbird, and it’s a sin to kill

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