North Side Gang Essays

  • Prohibition In The 1920's Essay

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    prohibition in the United States gave a massive boost to crime throughout the nation. Imagine leaving school and entering a world made up of dark and grim despair, with every corner one turns not knowing what’s around it. Piles of money were being given to gangs as profit piling in from illegal liquor sales and associated protection. Alliances among the common people, leaders, and friends were constantly shifting upon their views of the rising levels of crime in America. In 1924, a battle between the Italian-Sicilian

  • Comparative Analysis: Scarface (1983) And The Godfather

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    Comparative Analysis: Scarface (1983) and The Godfather (1972) Introduction How are the two movies different from each other? Is it the era, the theme of or its execution? In retrospective, both will surely have difference, especially since the two are created with different aims. If one is to analyze the films, one will find a grey area between its differences, wherein differences are both superficial and minor at best. Scarface is a crime-drama film that is famously known for being one of the

  • Al Capone Thesis

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    and public image. However, he is justified in his actions because he wanted to be the best gangster in the state of Chicago. He made many enemies whilst being in his small-time and full time gangs, including Bugs Moran, who was the leader of the North Side Gang- which was the main rival gang of the Five Point Gang of which Capone was the seven year leader. Alphonse Gabriel “Al” Capone was born on January 17 1899 in Brooklyn, New York. He was the son of Italian immigrants, Gabriele and Teresina Capone

  • Who Is Responsible For Al Capone's Downfall

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    that incident (“Al Capone”). From there, Capone became a street hoodlum and joined the James Street Gang. Al Capone grew close to the gang 's leader, Johnny Torrio, and the two became lifelong friends. Over time, Capone rose up through the ranks of his first gang and eventually joined the Five Points Gang, where he worked as a gunman (“Al Capone”). One night while working as a gunman for the gang, it is believed that a brutal fight broke out, leaving Capone with three large scars on his face. Because

  • Alphonse Gabriel Al Capone

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    immigrant families at the time, the Capone children often dropped out of school early to help earn money for the family. Al Capone stayed in school until he was 14 and then left to take a number of odd jobs. Around the same time, Capone joined a street gang called the “South Brooklyn Rippers and then

  • How Is Al Capone Influenced By Organized Crime

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    Al Capone Organized crime had really spurred and increased exponentially during the 1920s due to the unrealistic laws laid down at the time. Gangs were usually the perpetrators and organizers of these committed crimes. Al Capone was in the mix of these gangs and was very notorious for his savage personality. Al Capone was a radical man who led a pretty interesting life, committing many crimes for which he was never held accounted. Al Capone comes from an extremely poor family, who were from Angri

  • Gang Violence: The Gang Problem In Las Vegas

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    of these gangs are taking innocent lives and making the community a harder place to raise a family in. Many of the gangs in Vegas account for most the drug trade, as well as the staggering homicide rate. The gang problem is not only a problem in Las Vegas, but it is all over the world. Gang violence is a problem in every major United States city including Chicago, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. Las Vegas Metro Police Department (LVMPD) has implicated many programs to fight the increasing gang issue across

  • Gangsters In The 1920s And The Mobsters Of The 1920's

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    in the 1920s. Their bootlegging was quite profitable as the 18th amendment banned alcohol production, they would stock speakeasies or underground clubs with alcohol. They also created a lot of crime in violence through their wars of commerce. Rival gangs and anyone who got in their would could have been subject to violence or death. The mobsters way of profit was found through robbery, bootlegging racketeering and extortion. Through the 1920s, there was a constant grip on society from the mobster’s

  • Dean O Banion Biography

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    as she was dying. After his mother 's death his his family moved to Kilgubbin, Chicago, also known as “Little Hell” (Gomes). When he moved here he became part of the youth branch of the Market Streeters, a group of shoplifters and muggers. In this gang he met Earl ‘Hymie’ Weiss, Vincent ‘the Schemer’ Drucci, and George ‘Bugs’ Moran who then became his lifelong friends (Dean). In 1908 he got a job at a bar. Most of the people who went to the bar were criminals who admired O’Banion for his safe cracking

  • Mara Salvatrucha

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    Mara Salvatrucha Known to some people as the most dangerous and violent gang in the world, Mara Salvatrucha or MS-13, has gained, held and showed its power through many forms. Mara Salvatrucha is slang for Salvadoran Army Ants and they are spreading nationally with increasing numbers of members. They gain, hold and show their power through the use of recruitment, extreme brutality, different sorts of operations and their brotherhood. Mara Slavatrucha’s spread throughout the world and their use

  • Unit 2 Case Study: Union Racketeering

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    by a congressional committee in 1983 as being completely dominated by men affiliated with organized crime was the Laborers International Union of North America, Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees International Union, International Longshoremen’s Association, and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. The Laborers International Union of North America was headed by Ernest Kumerov, who was married to the daughter of the late Outfit boss Tony Accordo. This union was formed in 1903, and was

  • Saint Valentine's Day Massacre Research Paper

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    notorious gangster, Bug Moran’s headquarters on North Clark Street in Chicago, Illinois. The four hitmen impersonating police officers acted like they were raiding Bug Moran’s warehouse where stored illegal liquor during the prohibition era. The hitmen lined Moran’s gang members against the wall in a firing squad execution manner. The hitman pulled out automatic tommy guns from under their coats and pumped lead into each of the seven North Side gang members. According to the police report about 200

  • A Synthesis Essay: The Role Of Prohibition In The United States

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    During the first two decades of the 20th century, wide immigrants population full of conflicts and colorful mix of ethnic groups such as Italians, Russians, African-Americans and others started to immigrate to United States especially to New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. These immigrants started forming organized crime groups, most are Italian frustrated by the poor life style they had in Italy. Consequently they chose to join the American Mafia. On January 16th 1919, the 18th amendment is approved

  • Gang Violence Sociology

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    Gang violence has been around for centuries. , Gang violence is defined as criminal and non-political acts of violence committed by a group of people who regularly engage in criminal activity against innocent people. When looking at some of the major reasons why people become so involved in gang life is because of lack of financial backing in their communities. Often, we find that when there is a lack of economic development in low-income communities. Lack of economic development is a major cause

  • Al Capone: A Ruthless Man In Chicago

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    fear in others. “Between 1927 and 1931 he was viewed by many as the real ruler of Chicago,” (Encyclopedia of World Biography). For some Capone was a menace to society but for others, Capone was a person that looked out for the poor and underfunded side of Chicago. For good or bad, Al Capone will always be a part of Chicago’s

  • Latino Gangs

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    “Society thinks we are monsters.” Mr. Antunez said at the beginning of the article Shuttling Between Nations, Latino Gangs Confound the Law. The following paper is going to take a close look at several aspects of Latino gangs and their effects on culture. The taboos and deviant acts that are committed by both groups. Actions the dominant culture has done to enforce the rules of society and, more closely, ways that the dominant culture has been deviant. The material and nonmaterial items in both cultures

  • Al Capone: The Chicago Gangster

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    started getting involved with criminal activitiess at a young age and got into a gang activity. Al Capone started doing bad stuff when he was young but it wasn’t very large compared to what he would do as a adult.. And-not supposed to start sentence with and he was also involved with some gang activity (MacNee, 1998). What did Al Capone started doing at a young age? The gang he was affiliated with at the time; the gang leader had a bar and which Al Capone went and worked at. What made Al Capone the

  • Al Capone: Gangster In The 1920's

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    prostitution and gambling. Al Capone was very much aware of gang war over territories in chicago, so he would often negotiate with rival gangs for territory. Later on one day his boss Torrio was returning back from a shopping trip from the market and was ambushed and had got shot several times. Soon after that Torrio was frightened and worried about another assassination attempt on his life would happen again, so he had made Al Capone the boss of the gang and had put Capone in control of the operations, while

  • Al Capone: The American Gangster Legend

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    Al Capone: the American Gangster Legend “You can get much farther with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone”- this is a quote Al Capone said and a quote that represents him completely. He was a gangster around the Prohibition Act of 1919 and the Great Depression era. For being one of the greatest gangsters of all time he was a kind guy, but he was not scared to use his gun. With the business he was doing, killing people was something that came with it. Al Capone is a legendary

  • Summary: The Blue Line Of Justice

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    CHAPTER THREE - The Blue Line of Justice. What is the blue line of justice? Depending on the police officer and police department, the thin blue line has various meanings. Some believe the blue line represents a police officer separating good and evil, chaos and order and justice and injustice. The majority of police officers believe the blue line represents the line between life and death a police officer face every single day. The blue line is derived from the traditional color of most