What Were Al Capone's Accomplishments

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During the 1920’s, the United States Senate had no idea what they had unknowingly inflicted upon themselves by signing off on the Prohibition Act. Ratifying such an act gave the perfect opportunity to criminal, Al Capone, to claim the reputation of the most notorious gangster ever to live in the United States. Ruthless, dominant, and wealthy, Al Capone maintained such a strong hold over Chicago’s civilians and its law enforcement; he was able to cause mayhem throughout the whole city contributing to the legacy he left behind. Born to two immigrant parents, Alphonse Capone had a knack to be in control. As a kid, if he were to ever see one of his peers steal from someone, he organized a group to go beat up the kid who stole and return whatever …show more content…

The federal government moved its full attention to Capone’s record and gang affiliation. On March 27, 1929, he was called to court for contempt of court, and within two months he was not only arrested for carrying a concealed weapon, but also for charges of tax evasion. It took federal treasury agents five years to gather enough information and proof to properly prosecute Al Capone as fast as they thought they could, since he did not keep ledgers (Bos, 5:25) He kept all family assets and properties in his wife’s name. George Johnson, Capone’s prosecutor, claimed he owed at least $215,000 to the state (Donnelly, 89). Capone was able to bribe the jury, but the judge brought in a completely new jury at the last minute. On June 5, 1931, Johnson pulled enough evidence to put Capone away for one year for the concealed weapon charge and ten years for the tax evasion on twenty-one counts. Shortly after being sentenced, Al Capone hired five men to take out Johnson, but the plan failed in regards to Johnson being escorted. (Docs, …show more content…

More than fifty years have gone by and Alphonse “Scarface” Capone remains as one of the most notorious mobsters ever to live. He was a man so strong and brutal he could take a guy out with a single blow, but there was also a side to him that added to his reputation; he was well respected throughout the city. He did not look for revenge and often, offered peace and forgiveness. Al Capone even made the man who gave him his nickname, Scarface, as one of his most prized body guards. Although many opinions about Al Capone vary among people, one can agree that though he was a ruthless mobster who would not let anyone stand in the way of his rule, he was also a community leader who supported the indigent and treated people with respect, often referred to as making them feel like family. In an effort to recover his reputation from the aftermath of the massacre and his trials, he opened up a soup kitchen that served more than 3000 people a day and provided school kids with milk every day. He also did not look for revenge and often sent flowers to funerals of other gang leaders despite their rivalry. Despite the chaos Capone brought to the Windy City, he remains a legend in the eyes of those who reside in

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