Bugs Moran Essay

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Bugs Moran was a Chicago Prohibition-era gangster born August 21, 1893 in St. Paul, Minnesota, U.S ("George 'Bugs' Moran"). At an early age Moran began the life of crime. When he was at Creighton he joined a local juvenile gang and began mugging, burglary and petty theft ("George 'Bugs' Moran"). He was caught robbing a store and was sent to a juvenile correctional facility where he was sent three more times for similar crimes before the age of 21 ("George 'Bugs' Moran"). Moran later became the head of the Chicago North Side Gang. It was here where he met his greatest enemy, Al Capone. They would fight over customers and whiskey. He and gangster Dean o'Banion were lifelong friends and were later bothe major bosses of the north side gang (The
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