What Are The Mbsters In The 1920s

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Mobsters in the 1920’s

In the Progressive Era, Back when Prohibition was an active law Mobsters such as, Al Capone, Machine Gun Kelly, and Pretty Boy Floyd in the 1920’s had the economy wrapped around their finger. Prohibition became a law that banned businesses from making, and manufacturing ,the transportation, importation and sale of alcoholic beverages lasting from 1920 to 1933. From urbanization to the social and economic problems that were introduced to the U.S. had the country in shambles . Therefore it refers to Progressivism which started out as a social movement and became a political movement. This era covered topics such as female suffrage, workplace conditions, the rapid growth of urbanization, the law of prohibition, and of …show more content…

He grew up living a normal life in Brooklyn, New York unlike other gangsters who lived in poverty but lived in a slum. Living in a ethnically diverse area exposed a young Capone to the different cultures. Still though it was a tough area, where he had to become a man quicker than needed be. His family was the stereotypical italian american family, abiding laws and good working jobs. There really weren’t any big indicators that he would become involved in a life of crime ,and be a target for the rest of his life. Capone at the age of 14 dropped out and eventually met his partner and mentor the infamous Johnny Torrio. Giving him the greatest influence on what the gangster lifestyle was all about. Teaching Capone that he should remain respectable whilst running a illegal and dangerous business. Thus starting it all from his first murder for a friend that was assaulted in the street by a thug, shooting him dead in a bar. Another of Capone’s missions was bootlegging whiskey from the trail in Chicago. His first warrant for being arrested was due to the failure of that mission, after the death of Billy Mcswiggin. After his arrest and release he pulled off the biggest and memorable event of the area. The St. Valentine's Day Massacre dealing with Bugs Moran and the North Side gang were lured in by a …show more content…

Who gave Chicago a beautiful nightmare with his economic control over the government, and police. Pretty Boy Floyd displaying that a man coming from nothing will do what it takes to survive. Finally Machine Gun Kelly contributing to the economic growth shedding life on young teens pursuing illegal jobs. In the 1920’s they had the economy wrapped around their finger, due to the Great Depression and Social, Political, and Economic crises of the U.S.

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