Andrei Chikatilo: A Lust Serial Killer

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Andrei Chikatilo is a lust serial killer who killed 52-56 (there may be less or more people killed. It is unknown) women and children in 8 years with 3 nicknames representing him, “the butcher of Rostov”, “the red ripper”, and “the Rostov ripper”. He was born on October 16, 1936 (Juan Ignacio Blanco, {Date unknown}) Chikatilo’s killing style has been affected from culture, childhood and other things surrounding him. It is known that people who once experience lust murdering, may not stop repeating murder. Chikatilo seemed to believe in cultural things, for example old stories from the past. In Russia, it is said that the murdered person would burn the memory of the killer into their eyes. By this, the police thinks that that is the reason why …show more content…

Because he was born after the great famine, his mother repeatedly told the story of people surrounding her started eating people. He was also told that Andrei’s older brother was killed by been eaten. This may have leaded Chikatilo to cannibalism. In 1943, Chikatilo’s little sister was born. Although, this wasn’t a good happening because there is a high possibility that Chikatilo’s mother was been raped and became pregnant by a German army who wasn’t Chikatilo’s father. There were even more other event which influenced Chikatilo to become an abnormal psychopath. His father was been called a betrayer because he came back alive from the Nazis after he was captured. It seems very weird, and his father should have been blessed for being alive, but at that time, the government of Soviet believed that the people who come back alive from any kind of enemy attack is a betrayer. Because Chikatilo’s father was called a betrayer, Chikatilo was bullied from his classmates from school. When Chikatilo was 15 years old, he was able to get a chance to have sexual experience with a women younger than him, but then, he was not able to have erection, and that was when he noticed that he had erection

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