Ronald Dominique: Necessary Or Inhumane?

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This paper will examine serial killer Ronald Dominique and the acts that was performed on his victims and how individuals he knows viewed him. Robert Dominique target victims were men. In the year of 1997 to 2006, Robert Dominique killed at least 23 men that was account for. However, there is a substantial amount that is not account for. However, Ronald would cross-dress and attend gay clubs. Before Ronald Dominique was labeled as a serial killer, he had been in trouble with the law. His charges consisted of forcible rape, telephone harassment, and disturbing the peace. When Ronald Dominique went jail on these accounts, he was tied up and brutally raped. Researcher believed that the way Ronald was raped in jail created the method he would use on his victims. …show more content…

Over the period of time, Ronald would attend gay bars where he would invite men to have sex for money. When the men arrive at Ronald’s house, he would tie them up, rape them, and then pull the gun on them. It is unknown what lead Ronald to be a serial killer. However, there are several occasions that stands out. First, during Ronald Dominique teen years of school, Ronald classmates said that he was bullied and made fun of about being a homosexual. Ronald Dominique never admitted to being gay. Second, Ronald felt that he had no control to stop the situation. Lastly, When the second victim that Ronald raped went to the police, which sent Ronald to jail where he had been raped on numerous occasions; pushed Ronald to kill his victims after they had sex. There are two types of murders; sex murders and lust murders. Ronald would be considered a sex murder because he kills out of fear and silence his

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