Craigslist Killer Vs Broomstick Killer Research Paper

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Criminals come in many different faces. The Craigslist killer (Philip Markoff) and The Broomstick killer (Kenneth McDuff) had vastly different lives and both still ended up in the same criminal route. There are many different factors in making a criminal. Their background is very important for it might give hints as to why they became criminals. Some family members never knew or saw this coming. So how will families and loved ones reacted when being told that the man they once knew was a serial killer? In order to be a criminal you must commit some type of crime. Finally I will talk about their criminal life. Every killer has a story. Their childhood, workplace, partners, and many other times in their life have led them to commit terrible crimes. The Craigslist killer (Philip Markoff) is no different. Philip Markoff was 23 years old when he decided to commit his crimes. Philip Markoff lived a pretty normal life. Born in February 12, 1986, in Sherrill, New York he lived with his family. His parents were believed to be a dentist and the other an educator-turned-casino worker. He attended Verona-Verona-Sherrill Central School, where he was a part of many different extracurricular activities. These include bowling team, youth court and history club, and a member of the National Honors Society. Skip a few years into his adulthood; he decides to attend a University at Albany. He was able to get his bachelor’s degree in …show more content…

Many of them are able to deceive loved ones and other just doesn’t care. The Craigslist killer and The Broomstick killer had different lives but both still ended up going to jail and dyeing there. The Broomstick killer was a brutal killer and had early signs of becoming a criminal. While Craigslist killer showed no signs of being a criminal and lived a relatively normal life. But in the end he ended up killing and robbing 3 victims. No matter what you can never tell who can become a criminal or

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