Andrew Jackson Dbq Essay

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Andrew Jackson was born a poor lower class citizen but lived the American dream and became a wealthy high-class citizen. Jackson became part of the Continental Army at the age of 13, and when he was 43 he lead American soldiers in the battle of New Orleans against the British. In the Battle of New Orleans against the British, the Continental Army beat the British! That battle is what made Jackson a war hero and a politician. Jackson ran for presidency in 1824 but didn't get elected. He then ran in 1829 in the next election season and won. He stayed in office for 2 terms. Jackson believed that democracy is a system of government where civilians have a strong say in how the government is run and who is put in government positions. Andrew Jackson was a man who protected everyone person's democratic rights and he showed that by doing what he felt was best for the country and people, he also believed the humble lower class citizens have the same rights as the wealthier, powerful, mighty, upper class citizens. …show more content…

Jackson felt that the upper class had a say in the government more so than the lower class. Jackson wrote to Congress on December 8, 1829 speaking his opinions: "A law which limits appointments to 4 years in a country, where offices are created solely for the benefit of the people" (Doc. B) in the same letter, he also says that " No one man has any more right to government jobs then another" (Doc. B). Taken together the fact that Jackson didn't want people to be in office for too long, and that he felt every man should be able to have the right to work in the government, clearly demonstrates he wanted every man to have equal rights in how the government should be run. Jackson felt everyone had the same rights, and the upper class should not get better treatment or more power because of their higher stature in

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