Ann Jaffe Speech Analysis

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Ann Jaffe, Holocaust Survivor Ann Jaffe is one of the many victims of one of the most unjustified crimes against humanity, the Holocaust. Ann was born in a small town in Poland, and she was only ten years old at the time of the Holocaust. Although the Second World War was underway, Ann and the people in her village did not think for a moment that they would become the main victims of the hatred that guided the Nazis. However, she is one of the lucky ones, a survivor, but after almost eight decades her memories are so deeply imprinted in her mind as if everything had happened yesterday. Ann continues to tell her story to the world hoping that she will raise awareness to the future generations about the hidden enemy that can strike at any time, hatred. Throughout her speech, Ann recalls the oppression, fear, and despair that she felt during the most unjust and unjustified crime in the human history.
At first, oppression was a major factor that prevented Jews from trying to save their lives. Given the small number of inhabitants in the village where Ann was located building a ghetto was not necessary. A verbal warning was enough from the Nazis to erase any thought of escaping to save …show more content…

She was indirectly forced by the Nazi’s oppression and directly guided by her humanity to erase any thought of escaping and trying to save her life. Ann’s fear of dying and thinking how she would want to die made this ten-year-old girl became an adult who already made peace with her faith. Finally, the endless desperation that she felt when she did not know if she would make it alive from that forest will remain imprinted in her memory forever. Ann’s experience is a powerful message for all the future generations because her story raises awareness of how powerless we all are in front of the hidden enemy, the

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