Anne Bradstreet And Edwards Compare And Contrast Essay

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Comparing Did you know that Anne Bradstreet and Jonathan Edwards are very similar? Well Bradstreet and Edwards are both Puritans and have a strong faith even though Bradstreet's faith came throughout her experiences in life and Edwards was born into it. They both believe that there are strict rules on how to be obedient and a good servant in the eyes of god. Even though they have similar beliefs and morals they both have some differences, like their way of preaching, Edwards preaches in a very harsh way to scare his listeners into the hands of god, while Bradstreet says as long as you are good and obey God he will reward you and you will have a happy life but if you disobey him then he will take away your blessings. Bradstreet and Edwards are both very famous authors, and have very famous poetry. Though Bradstreet and Edwards are similar their writing is very different.
One of Anne Bradstreet's famous poems is “upon the burning of our house” in this poem she is writing about her tragic loss of her home and all her belongings. Unlike Edwards, Bradstreet is very calm and …show more content…

A lot of Edwards writing is meant for a more mature audience and mostly Puritans. Edwards uses fear to persuade the audience into being a servant of God. He was very strict in his morals and if you did not obey God you would go to hell, and if you were a good servant you would go to heaven. As a pastor he believed everyone should go to heaven and he would do anything to make sure of that, in one of Edwards writings “From Sinners in the Hands of God” he would use words like “his wrath in hell” (Edwards 79). He would use a lot of imagery and detail in his writing to scare the audience even more, for example, ‘hell is gaping for them, the flames gather and flash about them, and would fain lay hold on them…” (Edwards

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