Anne Bradstreet's 'The Prologue'

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Today, many Americans see America as being the land of opportunity and wealth. However, American became a foreign place from Europe as they set out to find new land. As they set forth the adventure to find this new land they know there was no surety, but hoped to gain changes and up rise to their religious beliefs. John De Crevecoeur thought these Europeans would feel pride and joy in their new setting and as Anna Bradstreet talks about how America has become a new man and how this new land creates great new literature. As John De Crevecoeur ventured through his mysterious life he decided to become an American Farmer in 1769. John De Crevecoeur was jailed and later returned home to find him farm was burned and family was has passed away or was fostered by a random family. In 1782 he wrote ' From Letters from an American Farmer. ' In this letter John …show more content…

Anne Bradstreet states that “when she came into this country she found a new world and new manners, at which her heart rose in resistance” ( Baym, 2013, Pg. 110). Which is meaning that she has never felt so free and felt like she belonged. She believed that god has sent her through her path. Bradstreet wrote poetry to please her father when she was a young child. Bradstreet wrote 'The Prologue ' which is based on Greeks, Christianity, and psychology. This piece is a very bold and Anne compared this piece to Guillaume DuBartas whose work was very popular for the Puritans for the wide spread of Christian History. Bradstreet had 8 children and many of her poems were written to her children. Bradstreet also wrote poems about her children. To My Dear Children “This book by any yet unread, I leave for you when I am dead, that being gone, here you may find what was your living mother’s mind. Make sure of what I leave in love, and God shall bless you from above” (Baym, 2013, Pg. 123). This poem was written to show her children that they don’t fully know the ways of the world and hopes that they will see any perils

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