Annotated Bibliography: 'Hinduism And Ecology'

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HRT 3M1a- Grade 11 Religion
CPT Part A: Annotated Bibliography
Chapple, Christopher Key. "Hinduism and ecology." Tikkun, Mar.-Apr. 2005, p. 32. Religion and Philosophy Collection,

In this article, Christopher Key Chapple summarized the main components of Hinduism and what matters most to them based on their religious beliefs. Hinduism is much different than our religion however, the author grabbed the main points about Hinduism and its ecology to give a better understanding for me, the reader. This article touches on the dynamic, multicultural society of Hinduism. It was extremely useful as it goes into the specifics of traditions for Hindus. An example of the traditions are meditation. Meditation is the power to help us with our four senses to fuel the motions and understand the mind. Another tradition is yoga. It is said to bring out acknowledgement of what a human being must accomplish in his present lifetime, much to do with samsara. Hindu ecology makes us catch our breath and enter into a special movement with a state of mind of only gratitude and perfection. I believed this article was very useful for my …show more content…

The author Claude Geffre collected all the information possible about Christianity and the culture. Geffre had gone into great depth about the culture of this religion. Throughout history, we have seen Christianity grow and form many new expressions through faith and practice. It has said to be that the gospel has been translated into the everyday fabric of life to get that fulfillment of the universal mission. I found that there were no limitations featured in this article as Geffre did a great job explaining the history of our culture. Therefore, this article would most definitely be my primary source when comparing and contrasting the two religions in my

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