My Father's Parodie: Summary

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Anse is introduce to the book at the very beginning was that he was a working man and loves his family. Anse is very important in the develop of the story because he play the role of addie husband. Being the husband of addie explains many thing on why addie want to be buried in jefferson not close to her husband anse. As I get deeper into the book there are many actions that tell me that anse is a lazy guy but at the beginning is his neighbors who say that he is lazy men who don't like to do anything. The when he is getting addie to jefferson the wagon almost get destroy in the river and cash and jewel are the one who rescue it not anse he just stand there looking at then almost dying. Then when cash turn the barn in fire jewel is the one who rescue the mules not anse. He just stood there hoping that jewel will rescue the mole but don't move at all. Addie does not …show more content…

Jewel is not anse son so that matings that she is happy about that. she feels like it was her duty to give anse the other kids so now she gave him three kids so he does not have to say anything about her. Anse does not really have so many qualities but he actully love addie so much that he takes her to a place far away where he have to travel so many day. This show how much he love addie he promise her that he would take her to jefferson even if he didn't know why she wanted to go the rhe just did what his love wanted. Anse have a good relationship with his kids but he have a different relationship with jewel. Jewel is not his son so for that reason he does tried him the same way as to the other. When jewel buys the horse he tells him that he would not give the horse the food he have because he did not consulted him about buying a horse. when jewel gat home with the horse he saw him and ask him where he have stole the horse because he didn't believe in jewel at all. Jewel character with anse is disrespectful he doesn't care what happen with ance and answer him like he is not even

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