Anthem For Doomed Youth Analysis

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Commentary on “Anthem For Doomed Youth” The poem “Anthem For Doomed Youth” spoke about war and the youths that were forced to become adult soldiers. It appealed to the readers right from the title. A hymn for those whose fates were set, “doomed”. Even more, it weren’t adults or those coming to the end of the journey they call life who were referred to, but youths. It was these young people who have a long road ahead to travel. Right from the start, it could be predicted that the poem will bear a dark tone. The first stanza of the poem started with a rhetorical question. “What passing-bells for these who die as cattle?”. “These” is a general word, referring to something general, someone faceless, distant. The deaths of “these” were compared to that of a cattle, lowly and peasant-like. This use of simile makes the deaths of these people seem undignified and meaningless, as though they were just simply slaughtered like an animal. The question asks what “passing-bells”, what bells are rung, what funerals are to be held for these people, as though nothing could be done. The word “Only” was repeated at the start of the next two lines. Guns were personified to bear “monstrous anger”. They appear as monsters; furious and terrifying, even more alive than those who have went to rest on the battle ground. On the next line, rifles were specifically referred to. At this point, it was clear that the poem was about war. Alliteration was used in the phrase “rifle’s rapid rattle”
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