Anthem Palace Vs US Prisons

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Anthem Palace vs U.S Prisons Many people believe that prison holds the most dangerous people in the world. That might not be true because Anthem tells a different story entirely.. Anthem by Ayn Rand is about a dystopian society where if anybody does something wrong or commits a transgression they either get sentenced death or prison, which is known as The Palace of Corrective Detention. This where the protagonist Equality was sent. Modern day U.S society is much more progressive than Anthem’s society because of security, inmate treatment and construction. Anthem and U.S. prisons back in the 18th and 19th century were similar but at the same time very different because of three main points: security, inmate treatment, and the construction …show more content…

The U.S. prison systems has evolved greatly in the pasts centuries in many ways, but the most critical part where it greatly improved was the security of the facilities, the inmate treatment, and the construction of the building of how stable it is.The first and most important is the security. A prison system has to have a strict security system because without it prisoners can do whatever they want. So, they developed a security system where there are five levels: the higher the level is the stronger it is. Not all prisons do the same security because different buildings mean different levels. Prison cells have changed in the past couple years to withstand rust or mold from disturbing or breaking the iron bars. The second most important improvement was the treatment of inmates/prisoners. The prisoners have changed a lot in the past century or so because they have developed a new way for entertainment or pleasure. That was sexual humiliation of what the prisoners did to each other. Other than pleasure they have gotten more dangerous because in prison, criminals have records that have skulls or stars that show how dangerous they are. The more skulls, the more dangerous a prisoner is. Since criminals have gotten more dangerous the guards’ weapons have gotten more advanced with stun guns, dogs, or batons. The third and final important point in the prison system is how strong the building is. The building is larger so they can put more prisoners; the bigger the building, the harder it is to escape. The bigger the better but it wouldn’t matter because it depends on how strong the buildings is. So they made the buildings mold, rust and physical resistance from the inside or outside. Other improvements they have made is non-combustible concrete walls, roofs and floors that do not produce smoke or toxic fumes which prevents anything from happening in or outside of the building. The U.S. prisons have developed a lot in the century in security system, inmate treatment, and

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