Anthony Burns Is A Good Business Essay

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“Conducting your business in a socially responsible is a good business. It means that you can attract better employees and that customers will know what you stand for and like you or it” quote by Anthony Burns. This quote means that if you are able to attract many customers attention and able to make them trust you, it means that you are making a good business. Anthony Burns got this type of attention and was able to have many people trust him which lead to his success. Anthony Burns is an important figure in the American History because of what he did and the success he got from his business. Anthony Burns was born in Stafford County, Virginia,VA in May 31,1834. His family was a slave family owned by John Suttle. He got his education …show more content…

They helped him escape from slavery where they which meeting at Richmond. After escaping from his master he went to college and became one of the most known abolitionist for slavery. He is famous for being the fugitive African American that got recaptured after escaping. The lesson was learned at the first event because many of the Northerners were angered and increase the force of moral abolitionists. He had to overcome the trials he had to face from being recaptured to become what he is today. Anthony Burns is famous for becoming a Baptist slave preacher. He is a fugitive slave from Virginia and was place under the Fugitive Slave act when he was recaptured by his master after he sent a letter to his brother letting him know where he was. His mother had financial problems which made her sent Anthony and his fie other siblings. He also had to go through trials after he was captured. Burns has impact America today because he has successfully escaped and many people believe what he did is not wrong. He just wanted freedom and that wasn’t wrong but, it was wrong but then. Also he probably has influence many other black American that they can have a chance to escape too. When he was living and his owner came to capture and arrest him, it angered the northerners and there were trials being on because of Anthony

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