Anthony Marston Guilty

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With ten murderers on an island, who is the guiltiest? In the book, And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie, it was surprising that the judge decided that Anthony Marston was the least guilty when he was truly the most guilty. Not only was he drinking and driving, but he ran over two kids and felt no remorse whatsoever. The fact that he cared so little about what he did only makes him all the more guilty. Anthony Marston was truly a work of evil. First of all, Marston wouldn't have killed two people if he hadn't been drinking so much. Also, he could have avoided the killings by being patient. He said, “‘Speed’s come to stay. English roads are hopeless, of course. Can't get up a decent pace on them’” (68). This showed that no matter what, he would be speeding. By being so impatient, he caused the sad death of those two kids. Furthermore, even after this happened he still didn't think that he should be careful when driving. This is shown right at the beginning of the book when he comes flying down the steep hill towards the group (26-27). If he was actually a good man, then he would have learned from his mistake and gone slower down the hill. But, he still went zooming down, not a care in the world. …show more content…

He didn't even know their names after he killed them. He just said, “‘Must have been a couple of kids I ran over near Cambridge’” (68). He acts like it was nothing. He also must have been going pretty fast to have ran over and killed two kids. Furthermore, it sounds like he was in an area near houses, so he should have realized there were kids around. He talks about them running out of a cottage (68). Why was he going so fast when he was in an area with houses and people anyways? He also makes a statement right before he dies saying that he's all for crime (74). If he wasn't guilty, then he wouldn't have said that. Does he like to commit crimes of all sorts? Or just

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