Jack Merridew Lord Of The Flies Essay

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The Case of Jack Merridew The murders of Piggy and Simon have not gone unnoticed, and the kids from the island are all under question for their untimely deaths. The main suspect for their murders is Jack Merridew, one of the older boys on the island. The story originates in a book called The Lord of the Flies written by William Golding, about young boys who are stranded on the island. Jack is one of the older, more savage of the bunch, but he seems to be ill in the brain. Jack, being one of the main boys who were stranded on the island, cannot be held responsible for the murders of Piggy and Simon, two boys who were killed on the island. Jack Merridew was on the island at the time of the murders but cannot be held fully responsible for the …show more content…

He was crazy, as soon as he was placed on the island with no authority, he was unable to function in a humanly manner. He first started showing signs of this when he was placed in charge of the hunters. There was however, a ‘threat’ on the island known to the boys as the beast. “Kill the beast, cut his throat, spill his blood” (Golding 152). This was the most common chant, and it would get everybody riled up. The fear of the beast along with the darkness when Simon came out of the bushes with a bloody noise that leaves stuck to his face just shows that the murder was completely circumstantial. Jack had never meant to kill Simon, and the circumstances on the island should excuse the murders. Even if the circumstances aren’t enough to prove Jack’s innocence, then the fact that he had a disease known as psychosis should. “Psychosis occurs when a person loses contact with reality.” (Psychosis). This is from a medical website that explains what psychosis is and what its symptoms are. When Jack was completely removed from society and everything he knew as reality, his disorder began to show. He was confused when he exterminated Simon, he didn’t know any better in that situation. This mental disorder is a serious disease that proves Jack’s

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