Jack Guilty In Lord Of The Flies

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If an adolescent were to commit a horrendous crime such as murder, should they be convicted as guilty or not? Kids at the age 12 should realize what is right from wrong. They obliviously know that if they were to be in a position where they were killing another human, that is just a murderous crime and should be guilty for their actions. In the book Lord of the Flies, written by William Golding, a boy named Jack had committed two murders on the island where everyone was stranded. Some people agree that if adolescents were to do something irresponsible and regretful it's because “their brains just haven’t physically matured yet.”(healthychildren.org) It is true that the adolescent brain is still developing and not fully mature, but they should …show more content…

He had no emotion or remorse towards his death as when he implied, “See? See? That’s what you’ll get! I mean that! There isn’t a tribe for you any more! The conch is gone“ (Ch11 Golding) Those were his first words that came out of Jack's mouth after Piggy was murdered showing that he had no sentimental value to him. He knew it was wrong to kill Piggy but all he cares about is himself. As stated in the research of “What’s going on in the teenage brain“ they seem to blame the brain for the consequences adolescents make “While adolescents might tend to be more moody and impulsive — and we now have some reason to believe that this might be reflecting a ‘normal’ part of brain development”.(healthychildren.org) This is practically an excuse that adolescent do not know what they’re doing due to their brains not being “fully developed”(healthychildren.org). Jack knew exactly what he was doing, he even admitted when he said “That’s what you’ll get!”(ch11 Golding) Before that Jack has always wanted the chief position very desperately, knowing his selfishness, brutal self, he would have done anything for it. In fact Jack stayed so calm that it actually seems like the murder was premeditated. Therefore adolescents do know what they’re doing especially when it comes to committing a crime. He should be guilty for his murderous actions. While Jack had premeditated this, he had the time to undergo any emotions before the killing took place, which would explain why he was so insensitive. Jack was not bothered by Piggy’s

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