Human Behavior In Lord Of The Flies

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Should the boys’ savage and immoral behavior be blamed on the situation/environment or on the biological factors? I think that the boys’ savage and immoral behavior should be blamed on biological factors. Your decisions and behavior reflects your brain and your biological factors. In the novel, “Lord of the Flies”, by William Golding, he writes about characters who are lost on an island after their plane crashed. The setting is on an deserted island. The boys were on a plane leaving Great Britain during World War II as refugees when their plane was shot down and now they are stranded on an island. The main characters are Jack and Ralph. The leader is Ralph, but Jack doesn’t approve of him being the leader of the tribe. Jack tries to take over. Conflicts occur in the novel when Jack tries to take over and he isn’t backing down until he becomes leader. Jack wants everyone to be either in his tribe or dead, and that is when everything ends violently. The first reason I …show more content…

These decisions sometimes come with consequences, sometimes big and sometimes small but still consequences. In the article “The Teenage Brain” it states “Adolescents are particularly sensitive and responsive to influence by friends, desires, and emotions.” Jack’s tribe let Jack influence them in their decisions to become cruel and evil, but Ralph and Piggy weren’t going to let Jack influence them into evil human beings. It also references that as teenagers we have a lot of dopamine therefore we do stuff that makes us feel good about ourselves. For Jack that was killing and for Ralph, his “feel good” was civilizations and order. Not only were Piggy not going to let Jack influence them, but they were also going to try to get Jack’s tribe to abandon him. But Jack had influenced them and they weren’t going to change their

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