Piggy's Power In Lord Of The Flies

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In addition, some of the boys want to keep their power or even gain more power, in order to do that, some of them are ready to kill. Jack is one of them, he maintains his position by becoming more evil in his behaviour, he knows how to get other boys into his evil plans and the influence he has on the group is all because of his power. In the first place, since the beginning of the journey, Jack always picks fights with Piggy to show him who’s the chief and who has the priority to speak. He loves to show that he is better and stronger than Piggy but in reality Piggy is stronger mentally. During the night, Jack’s tribe attacks the shelter where Piggy and his tribe is sleeping. They violently abuse them all but especially Piggy since they are …show more content…

After that fight, Jack, who is now considering himself chief took Piggy’s specs. This is mentioned at the end of the chapter, “ He was a chief now in truth; and he made stabbing motions with his spear. From his left hand dangled Piggy’s broken glasses.” (Golding 168). This is obviously a huge deal for Piggy and the boys all know it. Jack took the only thing that was left of Piggy. He not only took his confidence and personality but he took the last thing that makes Piggy a useful individual. It gives more power to Jack because he takes a person away from Ralph. Jack does what needs to be done to protect his tribe and he is very selfish about it. It is extremely obvious that his power dominates all the other boys’ power and it makes Piggy weaker. Afterwards, Jack gets a pleasure by torturing other beings and seeing them suffer. While hunting, the hunters spot a sow and her piglets. While the others are trying to kill the piglets, Jack spots the female and tell the others to let the piglets run and to follow him. Jack tortures the sow with all the other

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