Who Was Responsible For Jack's Death In Lord Of The Flies

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The Investigation of Jack Merridew On the Island in William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, Ralph was able to create the beginnings of a small civilized community. However, Jack Merridew decided that he wanted to take control of the boys, and he was determined to do so however he could. He started by hunting pigs and having feasts, and became more aggressive towards Ralph and his followers as his “tribe” grew. Eventually, Jack’s tribe began verbally and physically attacking Ralph’s group, which led to the deaths of Simon and Piggy. Jack may not have been directly responsible for the death of Simon, but he was responsible for the death of Piggy, and there is sufficient evidence to prove it. The night that Simon died, Jacks tribe and its guests …show more content…

By the time that Ralph and Piggy confront Jack’s tribe, Jack had assumed total control over his boys. He gave the boys meat and talked about killing the beast, so the boys felt like they wanted to be part of the tribe. He told the boys a complete lie as an attempt to make them dislike Ralph; “Ralph thinks you’re cowards, running away from the beast and the boar.” (Golding 143). However, Jack also scared the boys into staying in the tribe by beating Wilfred, showing his aggression and intent to hurt people who didn’t do what he wanted. After doing these things, Jack was able to make his boys do his bidding. When Ralph attempted to call an assembly at castle rock, he was answered by Jacks warriors, who were defending their fort. The boys were definitely given orders to do so by Jack because when the boys were asked where he was, Roger answered, “’He’s hunting. And he said we weren’t to let you in.’” (Golding 203). The boys were given orders by their leader, and they wanted to follow those orders in order to not get beaten. Then, Jack emerged from the forest, and a fight broke out. This fight lead to the release of a boulder by Roger, who was attempting to defend Jack from

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