Lord Of The Flies Piggy's Death Analysis

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Donny Vuong
Honors English
Actions that should be taken upon the death of Simon and Piggy

In the novel, Lord of the Flies, by William Golding a group of young boys embark on an adventure they will never forget. They crash land on an island after being sent off to get away from the war, the irony is that they have their own war on the island. Someone super important in the story, Jack, the antagonist of the story the island’s worst fear. He is the one who is to blame for Simon and Piggy’s death. Simon, the guardian angel, dies after he gets attacked by Jack and his group. One of Jack’s hooligan’s kills Piggy, the symbolic meaning of law n’ order, at Castle Rock. Both of their death’s connect back to Jack… But is Jack going to get charged as an adult?
Jack’s action is consider some type of crime. Under the legislative law, “If you are under 18 and break the law, you can be charged with a juvenile offense.” ( …show more content…

Jack deserves to be charge regardless of his age. “I’m chief!” said Jack (Golding 167) His brain is more than develope. “A juvenile can be charged as an adult only if the juvenile is "bound over.” “... if you are charged with a serious crime (murder, attempted murder, or a serious felony that involves violence or weapons)”.( Kids Legal, What if I'm Charged with a Juvenile Offense?) What Jack did appears to be murder, Jack’s unlawful actions is the crime he committed . The definition of “Crime” according to The Oxford American Desk Dictionary and Thesaurus is an illegal, shameful or evil act. What Jack did is an illegal, shameful, and evil act, but is it enough to say that although, he did commit a crime, despite his age, he should be charged because if he is capable to “run” a group of rowdy boys and has a belligerent mind set. Jack indeed killed two people, his victims being Piggy and Simon. He many not have killed Simon alone but he did attack Simon and he plays an important role in this case, he’s the one that influenced them to do

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