Trevor Would Be Charged Under The Criminal Code Of Canada

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Imagine that you were arrested for a minor crime. If you were charged as a minor it wouldn't be near as heavy as being charged as an adult which could be a lengthy sentence or a hefty fine. Trevor was a troubled young man living a hard life, with no family. He lived in a group home full of his random new family. By 16, he had already been having multiple run ins with the police for a couple of years and only been given warnings, and most of the people who knew him, in the small B.C. town where he lived, were certain that he would end up in jail, sooner or later. He was not enrolled in any school system. If he was 12-17, he would be charged under the Youth Criminal Justice, but if he was 18 or older, he would be charged under the criminal code of Canada. The topic that will be outlined are at the time of arrest, the …show more content…

The YCJA has specific guidelines and boundaries on the sentencing of young offenders compared to the adult sentencing requirements in the Criminal Code of Canada, which deals strictly with people age 18 up. When a young person is held in custody under a youth sentence under the YCJA, the court director can, if persuaded that the needs of the individual and the community would be better met by doing so, make a suggestion to the youth justice court that the young person be released from custody and placed under probation supervision. If the crime is extreme enough, the offender may face an adult sentence, which includes, adult court, adult jail time, and adult charges. If Trevor were charged under the Criminal code of canada, for ages 18 and up, the maximum jail time Trevor could possibly face is a life sentence with a 25-year parole exclusive period. There is no death penalty in Canada. This paragraph demonstrated the different consequences Trevor could face depending on his

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