Do Juveniles Deserve Life Without Parole?

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Do Juveniles Deserve Life Without Parole? The United States of America is the only country in which juveniles are allowed to be tried as adults with life without parole. As of today, approximately 3000 minors are condemned to life without the circumstance of parole (Stevenson). Children who carry out horrendous crimes should get the deserved punishment. Juveniles should be tried as adults with life without parole but only in certain cases: depending on their motive or modus operandi, their crime, and criminal background. Motivation Scandalous kids who commit crimes for unreasonable motives should most definitely have life without the possibility of parole. In some cases, they’re just doing what they think is best. Jacob Ind, a 15 year old from Colorado, was beaten and sexually molested by his step father. His mother abused him as well. He couldn’t take it anymore and murdered them both. During Jacob’s trial, his mom’s best friend testified that she would talk about how much she hated him and wished that he’d never been born. His home life was dreadful and he cut himself daily to release the pain. “When things got hard I cut on myself and it made me feel better. I got this huge ball of, I couldn’t even name the emotion, it was just chaos inside and cutting would be the only way to release it”, says Jacob (“FRONTLINE”). The stress of abuse and depression was too much for him to handle and he saw that there was no other way out. His motive was for the sake of his life. Crime

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