Why Is Jack Merridew Murder In Lord Of The Flies

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In the novel, Lord of the Flies, over a dozen boys are stranded on an island with no adults and to fend for themselves. One individual in Jack Merridew, a boy who is turned cruel and ruthless, is being charged with 1st degree murder for the deaths of two boys, Piggy and Simon. First degree murder is characterized as deaths that a person committed was the individual either plans and commits the murder conscience of their actions. Jack is guilty of first degree and should be charged with 1st murder degree murder because of his direct involvement in Simon’s death, his dictatorial of leadership leading to the other boys’ savage behavior, and his disregard for human life. Jack was directly involved in Simon’s death, and was completely aware that he and the boys were killing something when they were in the circle. Jack had rallied the boys in a savage way at the feast, singing their chant, and dancing:“Do our dance! Come on! Dance!” (151, Golding). This action causes the boys to go into a savage frenzy , screaming, yelling, and mass chaos, all because Jack told them to do their dance. Their dance turned into ritual killing where all the boys, including Jack, ruthlessly stabbed and beat Simon repeatedly to death. Jack had caused the mass chaos and if he had never done that, Simon would still be alive and not a corpse at the bottom of the ocean. Jack and his tribe committed murder and only Ralph recognized it for what it was: “that was murder…. I wasn’t …show more content…

His direct involvement in Simon’s death and how he planned for Piggy’s and pre-meditated Ralph’s death. His savage rule and his blood-lust brought inhumane deaths, punishments, and behavior among the boys. His deisire for leadership and his fantasies of the perfect tribe nearly desroyed everyone on the island and burnt down half the island in the process, and why Jack is guilty of 1st degree

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