Theme Of Fear In Lord Of The Flies

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Fear is what you make of it because nothing is inherently scary it is what you take from the object or experience that makes it scary and fills your head with fear. This can have an effect on society and how people and their respective governments react to types of issues and problems. This leads to in extreme cases war and mass murder of a society that is being exploited as a scapegoat. In the book Lord of the Flies the author William Golding suggest the impact fear has on human nature and how it disrupts order and disorder in a society. At the beginning of the story the boys are very scared and confused on where they are because this place is a unknown entity they have no clue what could be on the island and how they are going to survive. This is symbolism of human instinct, because when people encounter unknown experiences they start to freak out and make irrational decisions on easy problems with simple solutions. This occurs most in Jack because he wants to be the leader of the group of boys but when Ralph gets leader he tries to sabotage it in different ways by creating more fear and promoting protection of the group from “The beast”. “If you’re hunting sometimes… you can feel as if you’re not hunting, but being hunted”. While Simon is still scared he is not making irrational decisions, he is trying to figure out how to survive and follow orders and creating shelters and fire. This is a foil to Jack because Simon is trying to maintain order, while Jack tries to cause

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