Essay About Jack's Death In Lord Of The Flies

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Several different circumstances converge and lead to the first murder on the island. The multiple factors that caused the death to occur were Jack, the beast, the storm, the dancing, and Simon’s constant wandering off alone. Without these factors the first murder on the island would have been very different, but either way Simon would have eventually been killed. To start off, Jack was one of the main factors that lead to the murder. Jack’s madness and cruelty affected the other boys’ minds and caused them to think that it is okay to participate in atrocious activities. For example, Jack and the boys on many occasions have chanted about killing and have reenacted their hunting adventures. One time they went as far as hurting a kid with the …show more content…

Throughout the novel he wandered into the forest on his own, but things were immensely different when he did it in chapter eight. In that chapter he came across the Lord of the Flies, and it made him hallucinate that the pig’s detached head was talking to him. After talking with the Devil itself, Simon blacked out and woke up to the storm. With all his bravery he goes to face the beast on the island, only to find out that beast was in fact a dead man on a parachute. He goes to tell the boys what he discovered and “started down the mountain and his legs gave beneath him. Even with great care the best he could do was a stagger” (page 147). When he reaches the feast, he was at the point crawling on all fours. The boys catch sight of a figure crawling out of the trees and automatically assume it is the beast. Without thinking, the boys attacked Simon and let their blood lust minds do the rest. If Simon did not wander off in the first place, none of this would have happened. He would not have come across the Lord of the Flies, and these other situations would not have occurred. The meeting between him and the Lord of the Flies set off a chain reaction. It caused the entire island to turn into a hell where Jack was in charge. Clearly, Simon’s wandering off was a big factor in his

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