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Jeffrey Dahmer is a notorious killer who confessed to killing 17 men, and dismembering & eating body parts of his victims until he was caught and arrested in his apartment on July 22, 1991. Dahmer was born in 1960 to Lionel and Joyce Dahmer. Lionel was a soft-spoken graduate student from Marquette University which is located in Milwaukee. He was highly into chemistry and tended to get caught up into his work. Joyce has a history of severe clinical depression, and being placed in the seventies with depression, she didn’t get treated the best. Most people in the seventies saw you as a nut if you had this diagnosis. So her neighbors kind of saw her as an emotional wreck. At this time, UFOs were all the rage. So one day, Joyce had a little episode. …show more content…

His arrest for 17 murders was technically an accident. Police were notified about a “domestic violence” incident. When they looked through his apartment in Milwaukee, they ended up finding body parts and severed heads in various places, his fridge, freezer, filing cabinet, and even in a kettle. He had no issue confessing to what he had done. He confessed to 11 murders at the time. Later in the station, he confessed to even more, to the killing and dismembering of 17 people within 78 and 91. He received, according to Waxman in “How Police Caught Jeffrey Dahmer,” “15 consecutive life terms in jail, but died in 1994 after inmate Charles Sarver beat him to death.” He had already spent 10 months in jail for fondling a 13 year old Laotian boy in 88, he offered this boy $50 to pose nude for pictures. After his first release, he was put on probation. The problem was, he was the only one making the effort. Every month Jeff would show up at the probation office, but his caseworker never showed up at Dahmer’s home. Which is required for a caseworker to do so. A department of corrections spokesman said, “the requirement was waived because the agent was overworked” (Waxman). Which if the caseworker did go to Dahmer’s house, he/she would’ve noticed/found something. Jeffrey could’ve continued killing, if one of his victims didn’t get away. Tracy Edwards was 32 when he escaped from Dahmer. He was running down the street with handcuffs still attached to his wrists, he informed police of Jeff’s intent to murder him. Of course he was arrested, and put up no resistance. The way he got men to his house was, he would offer them money to pose for a few pictures, he’d take them out of shopping malls or bars, then he’d drug them, continue to strangle them, then dismember their body. After all of that was finished, he boiled their heads to get rid of the flesh. One case, authorities found out that Dahmer had anal sex with a cadaver. Since

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