Anti Federalist Papers

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“The Federalist Papers” were a series of 85 articles from 1787-1788. James Madison, James Jay and Alexander Hamilton are the authors and the three of them wrote about how the new government will work and why the idea of a new government would be beneficial to the United States. The authors signed the articles under the name “Publius” in honor of the Roman aristocrat Publius Valerius Publicola because they hoped the he would be credited in the founding of the American Republic. One of the articles’ major topics was idea of having a state constitution and why it is so important for America to have one. “The Anti-Federalist Papers” was also a series of 85 articles. Patrick Henry, Samuel Byron and Robert Yates and many others contributors wrote …show more content…

I think of a constitution as a way to prevent our government from going into chaos by establishing a set of rules that are fair and reasonable for everyone. A constitution can also strengthen the weaknesses of problems that our country faces and establish promises that will make it a better place. Alexander Hamilton also states that the necessity of a constitution as “the point at the examination of which we are now arrived.” (The Federalist Papers …show more content…

The legislatures will also be there to protect the country to guard the common liberty.
Some people also argue that “the adoption of this government will not meliorate our own particular system.”(The Anti-Federalist Papers p.2)
This is also invalid as a new government could help the country, especially since a federal government is great with large countries that have a diverse population and will keep the United States from going out of chaos.
None of those arguments-The constitution lacking a bill of rights and having a change in government-would give me any reason not to be a Federalist during the Constitutional Convention.
I would have been a Federalist during the Constitutional Convention because of the idea of a constitution, the idea to “afford complete security against invasions of the public liberty by the national authority” and the idea of “the Union needing empowerment to extend.” This issue does not matter just to me, but to anyone else who was around during the Constitutional Convention because how could we figure out what is best to strengthen the weak

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