Anton Lavey's Impact On Religious Freedom

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How did LaVey’s conflict over the establishment of a Satanic church impact religious freedom and the acceptance of the belief system in the U. S? Anton LaVey was the first man to bring satanism to the U. S more importantly California in San Francisco. Conflict occurred, once he proposed his church to be build in San francisco. Some of his disciples agreed on the idea and he went forth. He started off with a black house and later on he decided to make his church but the christians did not approve of it of having his church publicly located and open for very on to join. LaVeys religious freedom allowed him to give new knowledge with his work, and expand his message ad influence others in rediscovering a better future, but unfortunately for his …show more content…

“In a word, fear, the mainstream fears christians opprobrium and ridicule” (LaVey 10). LaVey’s point has proven that other religions mainly Christians are very against Lavey's ideas. LaVey introduced everyone to his religion not only to his deciles but to everyone who is finding ones self. LaVey is trying to open people's minds in finding one's own religion. Although He’ll struggle Lavey will find ways to have it his way. “As LaVey has stressed over and over again, Satanism is not about heavy metal music or the sacrifice of children or animals to a honored deity. These are antics for the weak and confused”(LaVey 13). What LaVey is trying to prove is that the way other religions and very confused people assume how Lavet runs his religion or how it is when in reality it's …show more content…

LaVeys thinking of how other religion treat their own religion is by far foul to him since he sees them not devoting and properly showing respect for their region. “ How often I see crosses around the neck of those who’ve been informed of my arrival”(LaVey 15). LaVey often goes to talk and socialize with other religions to get to know one another and learn from them and get some ideas if he likes them but he obviously knows that once people hear of him coming he sees that each relation will have their crosses or some sort of ‘protection’ supposing that he's going to cause harm. Without knowing that it really isn't what it seems but they just judge without really

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