Antony Speech Vs Brutus's

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Antony tells facts, “implementing logic”, that the people have witnessed and that’s why his speech is better than Brutus’s. Antony giving facts that the people know of using lothos, ethos, and pathos in his speech was a great way for his speech to be much better than Brutus’s. As Brutus is speaking about Caesar during his funeral he remind the people that they did love him indeed, but what Brutus has done is far greater than what Caesar would have done. “did love him once, not without cause: What cause withholds you then, to mourn for him?” (2.2.30-31). Antony was telling the people of Rome that it was logic they did love Caesar, but since he is gone, why do they still love him? Antony is trying to prove a point that he was loved but know he is loss, which gets to the emotional side of the people (pathos). As Brutus speaks about Caesar after getting the people calmed down, he mentions “Then none have I offended. I have done nor …show more content…

Antony was talking about how honorable Brutus is but as he gets to talking about how Brutus kills him, he states “He was your friend, faithful and just to me” (2.2.13). Antony knew how great of a friend was to him, but Caesar being a king would change all of that. Caesar would be a different man, and not as faithful toward Antony. When Brutus speaks and his first words were “be patient till the last” (2.2.1). Brutus wants the people to listen to his reason, and not think he is a murderer but a man with a quest. Brutus wants no shame but if he deserves it, he wants the people of Rome to hear every bit of information he will provide to them. Antony’s was of using ethos is far greater than Brutus’s way. Antony uses his personal side and talks about friendship. Brutus wants the people to listen to him before they start to judge him for what he has done to Caesar. Antony does use ethos in a better use than Brutus during the funeral

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