Antony's Speech Rhetorical Analysis

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Antony uses many rhetorical devices in his speech from logos to pathos and many more but, the most effective rhetorical device in Antony's speech is logos because, in Antony's speech he pulls from the people's strings and emotions to get the people of Rome to get on his side and not Brutus’s side. Antony uses logos in many ways and uses it in the best possible way he can. Anthony's goal by using the rhetorical device logos, is that he is trying to make everyone one not on Brutus’s side about the reason why he killed caesar. The first example of how Antony uses logos in his speech is, He stated that, “I come not, friends to steal away your hearts. I am no orator as Brutus is.” (Shakespeare P125) What he is trying to convey is that, He is not going to …show more content…

You all do know this mantle. I remember the first time ever Ceasar put it on.” (Shakespeare PG 121) In this quote, he is pulling from the people emotions and pretty much telling them to be prepared to cry at what he is going to show/ tell them next by saying “If you have tears, prepare to shed them now.” This is a great example of how Antony uses logos in his speech. He is pulling from everyone's hearts and making them think that he is the good guy and everyone should not be on Brutus’s side, He is preparing them and almost making them think that they should cry and be sad when he pulls out the mantle which is a huge example of logos. The second to last example of logos is, “Look in this place ran Cassius’ dagger through. See what a rent the envious Casca made.” (Shakespeare PG 125) In this quote, Antony is talking about the cuts in caesar and what person made them, This is a example of logos because, He is showing the audience all of the cuts trying to make them feels bad for Antony because he was his friend. Which also makes them not like Brutus because he is one of the people that killed

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