Ap Euro Dbq Scientific Revolution

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Scientists made new discoveries while doing experiments and using the scientific method during the Scientific Revolution. Some of there discoveries contradicted what the Roman Catholic Church beliefs. For example, the church believes that God created heavens and the earth, but scientists it’s a bit more complicated then that. Scientists had proof that some things in the bible weren’t true or possible, which caused the church’s people to questions its truth. Scientists are attempting to prove the truth about science, which so happen to threaten the Church. Galen who was an ancient Greek physician who believed that food from the alimentary canal was converted into blood in and by the portal veins. “If a man take no other food for a prolonged period he will have blood in closed in his veins.” (Document 5) Later, Robert Boyle noticed that Valves in the Veins gave free passage to the Blood towards the heart, but opposed passage to the venal blood the contrary way. Robert Boyle’s discovery proved that Galen’s theory was incorrect which proves science is not always right. Gravity is caused by the penetration of the centers of the sun and planets without any diminution, according to Sir Isaac Newton. Francis Bacon, English philosopher of science, believes that science make little progress because there isn’t a specific goal sciences just keep providing new discoveries. …show more content…

Walter Charleton stated, “The creation and arrangement of the atoms can be connected to no other cause, but to an Infinite Wisdom and Power.” His statement falls in line with the church’s beliefs. He believes that things don’t just happen on their own, like atoms forming to create the world. He believes that creation begun because of a greater power or

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