April Morning By Howard Fast Character Analysis

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What is the most you have ever changed in one day? In the book April Morning by Howard Fast, on April 19th, 1775, in Lexington, Massachusetts, fifteen-year-old Adam Cooper goes through some dramatic changes in just one day’s time after the British redcoat’s attack. In the morning, he woke up an immature boy, but before he went to bed, he became a young man. Throughout the book, Adam shows several traits of how immature, fearful, and mature he is. In the beginning of the story, Adam proves time after time how immature he is, especially to his father. “Is it because you repeated some foolish childish doggerel when you drew the water from the well” (Fast 16)? Adam proves he is foolish because he keeps saying the doggerels repeatedly. He also…show more content…
“One part of me was screaming, another part of me looked at father and grasped my gun in my aching hands” (Fast 100). Adam is so shocked that his dad got shot that he doesn’t know what to do. The situation of his father getting shot filled him with confusion and he doesn’t know what to do. “I ran. I was filled with fear, saturated with it, sick with it” (Fast 101). Filled with fear, Adam just ran away from the battle field. Adam becomes sick after witnessing such horrific things. Although he was fearful at times, he knew in his heart that he had to be strong. Throughout this story, Adam starts to become more mature as time goes on, even in his father eyes. “Yesterday he was a boy, father replied, his voice dull and troubled. Tonight, he’s not” (Fast 73). This quote explains how Adams father starts to see a young man in him. Also explained, is how much Adam has changed in just one day. “For myself, I had parted with childhood and boyhood forever” (Fast 182). Not only did Adam lose his father, but now has to take the role of the man in the house. With everything that has happened, Adam has to start a whole new life, after transforming into a
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