Tale Of Two Cities Theme Of Loneliness

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Charles has become afflicted with loneliness. To provide him with some of his only human contact, Charles seeks out prostitutes, which provide him comfort. “There is great safety for shy man with a prostitute” (45). In addition, he finds security in work even though it is hard and remorseless because it brings him relief from his misery. Another person adsorbed by work is Adam, he has yet to figure out a way to live life outside the war. Therefore, the theme of loneliness is portrayed through Charles and Adam. Additionally, Cyrus becomes angry at Adam. The army has failed in teaching Adam courage, instead it has made him thoughtless. Therefore, with Cyrus being a materialist, he doesn’t understand why someone would do work if it doesn’t lead …show more content…

Remember that Charles represents Cain. Therefore, this piece shows that Abel is capable of hurting Cain. In the next chapter Adam and Charles face the truth about their father. Their father has lied about his time in the war and came across a great deal of money by dishonest means. However, the brothers continue to avoid the facts, they find it too hard to face up to the dishonesty of their father. Furthermore, the novel continues to point out the theme of loneliness. Adam begins to share a story to his brothers about their father’s infallibility. Suffering from being unable to see the bad in people displays his character flaw. Cathy is expressed as a symbol of evil. As she was introduced it explained that she was born with only bad in her. Her descriptions opens a window Steinbeck’s worldview. People are born with bad in them, it is human nature. However, one only becomes inhuman when the inborn evil is unchecked by goodness. Further in the novel, Cathy’s biggest weakness is exposed, alcohol. Drinking causing her caution to disappear and reveal her true self to everyone around her. Despite that, Mr Edwards loves Catherine. “He didn’t dare accuse her for fear she would go away” (94). Their relationship uncovers that love can be generous and kind, but also possessiveness and

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