Archetypal Characters In Beowulf

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In order to examine the roles of archetypal hero and outcast in Beowulf, one must think actively while reading. Throughout Beowulf, multiple characters are introduced to the readers, and the archetypal character traits begin to blend. When a reader is introduced to Beowulf, the individual will believe Beowulf is the hero. The reader interprets Beowulf as the hero due to his rescue of the Danes from the horror the town has experienced for twelve years prior to Grendel’s attacks. Nevertheless, Beowulf personally takes on multiple character traits that are usually unnoticed by a variety of readers. Monsters and Danes in Beowulf also take on diverse archetypal character traits, comparable to Beowulf. There are numerous types of archetypal characters, but the most common two groups are hero and outcast. A hero is a figure who is larger than life, and whose search for self-identity and/or self-fulfillment results in his own destruction. In the aftermath of the death of the hero, however, is progress toward some ideal. An outcast is a character who is separated from society due to a physical impairment, or an emotional or physiological realization that makes this character different. Other archetypal characters included in Beowulf are the scapegoat, an …show more content…

Beowulf knew this would ultimately be his last battle. The dragon was awakened because a slave stole a gold cup from the treasure. Then, after not being able to find the gold cup, the dragon forcefully attacked Geatland burning the town. Beowulf believed he angered God. In order to be at peace with God, he ordered a specially made shield to defend himself during battle. The dragon and Beowulf went to battle, which resulted in a defeat for Beowulf. The dragon was an outcast for not socializing with the kingdoms and staying in his cave for years. This was another example of Beowulf as an outcast; he battled without an army resulting in him being alone, or an

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