Outcast In Beowulf

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Beowulf is an Old English epic poem. Seamus Heaney did a translation on Beowulf. Beowulf is separated into three different sections. In every story the hero and outcast all have a major, but different role to play. The major outcast in Beowulf is Grendel. Then, the hero no doubt is Beowulf. Grendel and Beowulf have a part to play in how the story will play out. In Beowulf there is only one major outcast. This outcast is Grendel. Grendel is a descendant of Cain. Cain’s descendants were all outcast because of what he did. Cain had a brother named Abel. Their parents were Adam and Eve. Cain and Abel had to make a sacrifice to God. Abel sacrificed his best lamb and Cain sacrificed his left over wheat. The lamb burned up completely while Cain’s …show more content…

Every story needs to have a climax and that is usually when the outcast and hero confront each other. Both outcast and hero are important in their own way to a story. The hero is the one that the other characters look up to. Also, the other characters intently fall in love with the hero. Then the outcast is the one that the other characters do not like. They are the ones that have people fear them in some sort of way. In Beowulf, the outcast and hero meet early in the story. Beowulf, the hero, meets other outcast throw out the story, but Grendel is the most important. The other two outcast are have a little part in the story. Beowulf was translated by Seamus Heaney. Beowulf won all three of his battles but he did lose his life in the last one. Beowulf had no weaknesses during the fight with Grendel. Then, the fight with Grendel’s mother, Beowulf showed a little bit of weakness where he almost died. Finally, the fight with the dragon, Beowulf did get bite in this fight, but right after he stabbed the dragon. The bite from the dragon was the only weakness Beowulf showed, but he lost his life after it. In every story the hero and outcast all have a major, but different role to

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