Argumentative Essay: Jack Kevorkian Assisted Suicide

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When suicide gets mentioned the first thing that usually comes to mind is someone who is very depressed ending their life. The thought of someone who is terminally ill wanting to commit suicide usually never crosses someone's mind because they are supposed to keep strong, to keep fighting their illness and stay alive. Jack Kevorkian was a physician who made a suicide machine specifically to help ill people who can't function normally to commit suicide, he helped around 130 people commit suicide. When people found out about jack kevorkian and what he was doing they were outraged, how could someone help another person end their life when you should help them have a life worth living? The people wanted him imprisoned and the people got what they wanted, he was sentenced 10-25 years in prison but was released after 8 years as long as he did not continue to assist in any suicides. …show more content…

I on the other hand think it's fine if someone wants to end their life but only under certain circumstances. There are pros and cons when it comes to assisted suicide, there's an argument saying that being denied euthanasia is forcing someone to live a life of suffering. people against assisted suicide argue that saying that you are also saying that laws against contaminated food is mandated starvation. Another argument says that if assisted suicide becomes legal then doctors won't prescribe medication and the cure to illnesses would be death even though there is still a chance a living. There are a few religious arguments that state life is a gift from god and that it is god's decision whether you live or

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