Argumentative Essay On Assisted Suicide

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Assisted suicide goes against all the basic practices of medicine and can negatively affect the doctors or nurses who take a person’s life. Watching a loved one struggling to hang on to their life can be difficult for people to watch. Some people believe that the patient is experiencing extreme pain, however, this is not the case. In reality, skilled doctors can relive the patients from physical pain. Jane St. Clair, a witness of her loved one’s death from cancer, admitted “I watched both my parents and my sister die from cancers … and they did not feel pain”. This means there is no need for fear of physical pain. It gives the patient more time to make a breakthrough in real life because the family will not worry that they are in pain. It may be also good to note that nurses or doctors have the ability to give the patient more advanced drugs because they cannot become addicted to them(Clair). In terms, the family of …show more content…

A nurse’s job is to make the patient feel comfortable and provide a friendly feel, which is difficult to do if hospitals and other medical facilities rely heavily on assisted suicide. According to the ANA, the procedure opposes “the ethical traditions of the profession”(Clair). The doctors are in a quite different situation. When you look in depth at the operation itself, many professionals imply that the doctor “are accessories of fact to homicide”(Clair). That means the doctor is assisting with the homicide because the patient’s death was only possible if the doctor contributed the needed drugs. Laws protect the doctors from possible accusations. This supports the claim that assisted suicide is wrong. Clearly the patient’s life is negatively affected, but now so are the life’s of the nurses and doctors. If no one is benefiting from it, then why should it be considered a medical

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