Physician Assisted Suicide

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Physician-assisted suicide is a very controversial topic in today’s society. Physician-assisted suicide is defined as an action performed by the physician at the request of the patient to end the patient’s life with certain medical procedures. The legalization of physician-assisted suicide should not be passed in the United States because it is not morally acceptable in the society, leads to misunderstanding of a physician’s duty and increases mental suffering of both patient’s family and doctor. Physician-assisted suicide should not be legalized since the action itself is not justified morally. It is never morally acceptable for the society to give up on its people’s lives. Society as a whole must prevent any possibility of suicide and death.…show more content…
Doctors should have responsibility of helping the ill patients to get better physically. Physicians are the icon of peace and generous within the society since their job is to solve the physical pain of the patients. In allowing physician-assisted suicide, the duty of physicians is misread. Society and law are saying that physician’s duty is no longer helping patients, but they can also easily put an end to patient’s life. In the New York Times article “Doctor-Assisted Suicide Is Unethical and Dangerous”, Ira Byock states, “people who are poor, or old and frail, or simply have long-standing disabilities, may worry that when they become acutely ill, doctors might see their lives as not worth living and compassionately act to end their supposed misery”. The increasing support of legalizing physician-assisted suicide cause chaos for the weaker group within the society. They start to worry physicians may get too much power in hand that they begin to view every ill life pointless and meaningless. The way people view physicians change from respectful and intellective to ruthless and machinery. Society should fix the problem of helping sick people by providing more healthcare program (Byock). The real solution to help those who are in serious illness is to fund more healthcare programs in order to make their life easier. The legalization of assisted-suicide would only…show more content…
Many patients are afraid that their illness will cause them to become incapable of living independently, that they will eventually become a burden on their family. In a longitudinal case study designed to show the motivations for physician-assisted suicide, the result shows the main categories of motivation are illness-related experiences, changes in the person 's sense of self, and fears about the future (Pealman These patients will most likely suffer even more from their mental stress that they will become financially dependent on their family. As patients suffer through physical illness, their lives will be changed dramatically. It reasonable to see how a person will become hopeless about future after a great change in life. Therefore, a suffering patient may consider physician-assisted suicide as an option to free themselves from life’s
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