Argumentative Essay On Cherokee

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The white settlements expanded west, they threatened to take over Cherokee land in the southern U.S. The historical question is trying to tell if the Cherokee should leave or stay in their territory. People might disagree with this because the Cherokee’s do not want to leave their homes and want to stay to fight. People think they should stay because it’s their land and it should not be taken away from them and how they should stay to fight for their territory. The Cherokee have had this land for a while, since before they could remember. “We have taken care of this land respectfully. It contains the ashes of our father.” They have had the land for a long time, do not think they should just give it up. They respected this land, it contains the burials and ashes of their fathers. The CHerokee need to stay and fight for what they believe in because they need to show the government that they own this …show more content…

“We cannot agree to give it up for a far inferior land. If you take away our liberty and country, you will cause our nation to fall apart and be humiliated.” When protesting, the Cherokee want to keep their land. While the Cherokee are pushed away they are being humiliated. People will slow down or stop for the Cherokee’s ever becoming civilized and in learning the christian religion.
If the Cherokee leave and go to the land they are being forced to go to, they do not have any control over what happens next. “They will be ruled by laws that they did not help make and which they do not understand.” Boudinot is trying to say if the Cherokee leave they could be out ruled and forced to do things by the government all because the Cherokee are on new land owned by the U.S. If the Cherokee leave they will not know what is gonna happen to them all because the U.S. government wants their land. People should reject this because the Cherokee need to believe in themselves to fight for what is

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