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I think that I would like to be on a jury and experience what is required of a juror, I think everyone should be a member of the jury at least once in their lifetime. Having to experience the juries’ duties on a civil or criminal case, in some instance would be hard. Especially in a murder case involving children or battered women. When the judge gives you direction to please disregard that statement. How can you disregard information that you have heard? It still will be on your mind. I believe that I would be able to do what is asked for me. I would rather be a juror on a civil case more so than a criminal case. The outcome is that you still might have to send someone to prison just like you would do in a criminal case. If you had experience …show more content…

But in majority of the cases jurors are older. When the juror is younger they were more likely to find a defendant not guilty compared to the older juror. The evidence that would be compelling to me as a juror is when a small child is involved. There are so many cases now that shows how people are abusing the children and even killing them. While they are in a fit of rage. Some children are killed because they just wouldn’t stop crying. I feel that the problem with this issue is kids having kids and to many are parents are using drugs. Seeing how someone could do that to a child when they can’t protect themselves. Having to see bloody evidence and seeing how the people that are related to the child hurting and having to hear what happen to the child. If it is a video, when you hear the child crying this would be really hard to take. When the case involves a battered woman seeing all the violence done to her would be really painful. Just cannot see how someone could do it to someone they love
The hardest part of being a jury member in a criminal case would be the sentencing to make the decision to put that criminal in prison. If the verdict is in prison for life or life without parole. This experience is going to stay with you from now on wondering if you did the right thing. The individual has family also. He or she just made a bad decision that’s going

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