Argumentative Essay On Media Censorship In The Media

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An Argumentative Essay on Media Censorship Censorship is a control over unacceptable sources found in all forms of media: such as, newspapers, television, and the Internet. Censorship in the media is to examine all the information found in the media, and deleting or censoring anything that is considered objectionable to the state. Each country controls their own media depending on their religious beliefs, culture and moral ideas. There are many reasons to why censorship of the media is a disadvantage. Governments love to control their nations, and a way of controlling their ideas is by censoring information, which citizens have every human right to access. Censorship is unnecessary because in some cases, it blinds people from the truth. It also leads to misunderstandings that tend to cause disputes. Media …show more content…

Furthermore, in many developing countries or in those with oppressive regimes, government actions are more important than the Internet in defining how information is produced and consumed, and by whom. There are so many counties that use strict censorship in their media. “Present-day examples include Russia as a territorially shrunken successor state to the former USSR, China and North Korea” (Höchli, 2010). Censorship in North Korea is known to be the most intense among the world. With a government such as theirs, they are able to take strict control over communications. It is also a fact that their president sent out an order to switch computer to type writers in universities, because of security purposes. Another country that regulates their censorship is Saudi Arabia. The Saudi government has progressively intensified legal repression since the Arab Spring. The website, Committee to Protect Journalists (2015) mentioned the

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