The Importance Of The First Amendment

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The first Amendment is arguably one of the most important. It always us to take part in many of our daily activities, like debating politics, praying or not praying, going to GSA (Gay Straight alliance) after school, work where we want, go to church, burn the flag, and post on facebook. The first amendment is a strong, confidence inducing, way to open the United States constitution. Before the United States declared independence from Great Britain, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and many, many others known as the “framers”, came together to form the document that would free Americans for years and years to come. The framers had pure and just intent written between the lines of the first amendment. They want the people to have the ability to criticize and critique the United States…show more content…
It is common to question if the first amendment rights have “gone too far” and I’m not sure how possible that is. If anything the first amendment is as abused as it is misunderstood. Yes, speech is free but not all speech is free. Political speech is the most free. This is makes a lot of sense considering the framers purpose and goal for the first amendment. There have been several cases where the limits of the first amendment have been test. One of the most known cases is Tinker V. Des Moines. The case took place in 1965 during the Vietnam war. Student in the United States decided to peacefully protest the Vietnam war by wearing black armbands detailed with a peace sign. The school told them they prohibited to wear them. Eventually, the debacle made its way into court where it was decided the armbands are a form of political speech, symbolic speech, and most certainly free speech. Therefore, the school could do nothing about the arm
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