Atomic Bomb Dbq Essay

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On August 6,1945 Hiroshima and Nagasaki were attacked by atomic bombs that were dropped by the U.S Military. Over 200,000 people were killed. The United States used the bomb to end the war with Japan, which began in 1941 when Japan launched an unprovoked attack on Pearl Harbor. Many people believe that dropping the atomic bombs was the right thing to do because if they did not use it, there would be four more years of fighting and hundreds of thousands more US soldiers would have died because the Japanese refused to surrender. However, even though the Japanese had proved to be a tough opponent and their use of Kamikaze pilots showed that they were willing to die, the use of the atomic bomb was not necessary because the Japanese government knew they had lost the war and they were looking for an opportunity to surrender and Japanese people would commit suicide instead of surrendering but it doesn’t mean they…show more content…
The first reason they should have not uses atomic bombs is because the Japanese did not have enough time to look for an opportunity to surrender. According to Ralph A. Bard, that was the United States undersecretary of the Navy during World war II in June 27 1945, the Japanese were looking for a reason to surrender, so before the bomb is actually used, “Japan should have some preliminary warning...the Japanese government may be searching for some opportunity which...use a medium of surrender”( Document 2). In this quote, he says that the Japanese should have more time or warning before dropping the bomb because he feels that this would give them the perfect opportunity they are looking for to surrender and end the war. He also says that the United States is a “great humanitarian nation” with a “fair play attitude.” What he means from that is they are known as people who helps others and let people get a chance. The last reason that they should have not used the atomic bombs was that there were people who would not all commit suicide but rather
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