Atticus Finch Discrimination Quotes

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Discrimination is shown throughout To Kill A Mockingbird in numerous ways. Racism and prejudice are shown when the jury makes the ruling to convict Tom Robinson as guilty, despite all of the evidence to prove his innocence; Scout is known for being a tomboy. The lessons about discrimination that Scout learns throughout the novel are applicable to all types of prejudice, Atticus Finch, the father of Scout and Jem Finch, is judged for defending Tom Robinson, an innocent man accused of raping Mayella Ewell, a low class teenage girl. Since most of the community is racist, Tom Robinson’s case is very hard for Atticus to defend. They do not believe a white man should be defending a black man. However, Judge Taylor appoints Atticus to the case because…show more content…
He is discriminated against because he is an unknown entity. Therefore, there are many rumors about him. For example, he is supposedly a horrible person known as a monster who scares children away and he bites his mother’s fingers when he can not find any cats or squirrels to eat. Initially, Scout believes these rumors about Radley. Atticus lectures Scout and Jem to not judge a person you do not know, but it seems to go into one ear and out of the other. When Jem and Scout were coming home from the pageant and were attacked by Mr.Ewell, Boo rescues them and kills Bob Ewell in the process. Scout appreciates his actions because Boo saves her brother. When Atticus discusses turning Boo in, Scout says, “Well, it’d be sort of like shootin’ a mockingbird, wouldn’t it?” (Lee 370). Boo makes the right decision by saving Scout and Jem and he does not mean to cause any harm. He stays inside all day and watches the neighborhood. The only time he comes out is to protect Jem and Scout when they are attacked, therefore turning Boo in would be immoral because it will draw attention to Radley and he can not handle it. Boo Radley is not innocent of killing Bob Ewell and he would not be charged with anything because he rescued the children. However, it would draw attention to him and Scout believes they should protect Radley from the unwanted attention of the community. Atticus’ lectures seem to replay in Scout’s mind when she…show more content…
Atticus is able to see beyond the issues of society, do his job, and treat everyone with courtesy and respect. He helps Scout have the same mindset. In the beginning of the novel, Scout was very close minded and reacted like the others in the community. Perhaps, it is because she was young or it just seemed easier than changing her outlook on the society she lives in. As the novel progressed, she became more mature and developed her own views of discrimination, racism, and prejudice. Her father influences her decisions and is a great role model. If it were not for Atticus, Scout would have been like the rest of society. It is people like Atticus, Scout, Jem, and Judge Taylor who make a difference in Maycomb. Everything Scout has learned apply to different types of prejudice, as proven in the
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