Atticus Finch Racism Quotes

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In this novel, there are some parts that show racism. Atticus is the best lawyer in Maycomb. In chapter 9, he started to defends Tom Robinson. All the people in Maycomb disagree about defending Tom, Negro men. However, he believes Tom Robinson and Atticus work hard to defend him. Therefore, some people pissed to Atticus.
The people, who live in Maycomb, say such ugly things about Atticus Finch, a white man, for defending Tom Robinson in court, because Atticus believe Tom and he tried to defend Tom seriously. Long time ago, many people believed that black men is not good, polite, and NOT believable, so they were treated like slaves. Now in real life, people who believe idea of racism by skin color are less than before. However, some people …show more content…

At the court, Atticus ask questions many times to Mayella Ewell what was really happened but Atticus didn’t believe what she says. More than that, Atticus ask question to Tom Robinson, and Atticus believe what he said. This makes Bob Ewell really angry and he said “nigger lover”. That's why in the movie, there was a scene where Bob Ewell comes up to Atticus, and ask him why he believes what Tom Robinson said, but not what Mayella said. Atticus replies, “I will do the best I could to defend Tom Robinson” and that’s why people who believed white is better started to get pissed …show more content…

23, P.295) In this quote, Atticus saying that there's just something about race that makes white people crazy. He also acknowledges, in case it wasn't already clear, that law is not pure realm free of the racial prejudices that plague everyday in life, it's subject to the same problems as society at large. Usually Atticus is a voice of hope for change the idea of racism, but here he flatly says that racism is a "fact of life," suggesting that losing Tom's case severely reduced his hopefulness concerning human nature, or else that, having sat through the

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